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We are Moving You with Care

With over 15 years experience behind us, you won’t find a more thorough, more organized or more experienced team to oversee your move.

As a single point of contact for lawyers, movers auctioneers and others, we’re the easiest route to coordinating a move. We’re a team of seasoned professionals, well-versed in all areas of facilitating a transition, including: antique appraisal, interior decorating, communications, grief counseling.

We are passionate about ensuring your move is as easy and stress-free as it can be. We treat it and your loved ones as we would our own.

Experience the peace of mind that Transitions brings.


  • Draft a floor plan for the new location
  • Oversee the packing/ oversee the movers
  • Obtain the best price for movers and related services
  • Organize and set up the new home
  • Ensure all items arrive safely and securelyo.
  • Connect/ disconnect utilities and services
  • Arrange cleaning of the residence
  • Prepare the existing home for sale
  • Organize and host content sales
  • Sort items for charity
  • Removal of garbage
  • Ship items continent wide
  • Help in the decisions about what to keep
  • Coordinate items to be disbursed to family
  • Assist with finding suitable senior housing accommodations

Move was a breeze…

I have to be honest to tell you that I dreaded this move of ours. We, like so many other folks are so strectched for time that I really did not know how I was gonna pull off a large move, run a business, and take care of two children.

Then my angel came and that was YOU!! You and your team were the most amazing people to have in our life at that time. The move was not only a breeze (for me and my girls) but it was also enjoyable. You folks handled everything from the packing, the unpacking, the tyding up of my old house to notifying my change of addresses to all my utility companies!

Thanks Barb to you and your fabulous team. And I can say that I no longer hate to move!!!